UniLect Corporation’Ѣ
P.O. Box 3026
Danville, CA 94526-8026
(925) 833-8660
(888) UNILECT toll-free
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Andrew Burkhart/ Director of Operations and Election Project Management

Andrew brings 20 years of technical project management experience to the UniLect’Ѣ team, having led and directed a wide variety of key projects with such companies as Sprint, Time-Warner and Westinghouse. Andrew joined the UniLect’Ѣ team in 1998 initially advising and overseeing the production of the PATRIOT Voting System’Ѣ and then later taking over the development of Core Training programs and other sales and customer service related projects. Andrew most recently directed and was responsible for the election system implementation of major accounts. Andrew leads the Project Management Team at UniLect’Ѣ, directing its efforts, planning and completion.

Andrew has 10 years of union experience as a C.W.A. organizer, contract negotiator and steward.

Amy Abruzzini/ Elections Administrator

Amy has been working in the elections industry, helping to conduct and manage elections since 1994. Having grown up in the industry, Amy has been an invaluable asset to the organization as well as to our customers. Amy is a dedicated Elections Administrator who is meticulous in her approach and is one of the hardest working professionals in her field.

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